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Certification obtained.
Quality management system ISO9001
(Headquarters,Hekinan plant)

Certification obtained.
Environmental management system ISO14001
(Headquarters,Hekinan plant)

Cutting Tools Division
Tool division designs, manufactures and markets drills, reamers and end mills as well as cemented carbide parts cutting. While cutting work using cemented carbide tools plays the main role of machine industries, tools realizing accurate and speedy cutting are delivered fast and at low costs.
simulation software WALTER products
Using simulation software "Cybergliding," we established a simulation system of "cutting performance adjustment" and "profile check" on the PC with customer's tool designers, thereby realizing smooth tool development. A latest cutting machine made by WALTER in Germany, which enables electric discharge cutting and grinding in a single chucking cycle and is best for metal cutting and processing of complex materials and profiled tools, is installed together with a non-contact optical measuring machine. These pieces of equipment will help us deliver products of more assured quality. The cutting time is substantially reduced when compared with the earlier wire cutting technique, through machining with WALTER's multi-purpose measuring tool HELICHECK and HELITRONIC 5-axis-controlled PCD tool discharger/grinder.
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