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Recycling Division
Recycling division proposed to crush the waste bumper, one of automotive parts, into pellets and recycle it. Based on the management vision "contribution to more prosperous society," we have developed Auto Mat and Free Mat, which are recycled products, and used the SP mold technology to propose the future of recycling-ready and environmentally friendly plastics molding. We will promote effective use of resources, waste reduction and solutions against environmental problems.
bumpers tester pellets
Recycling division has established a mechanism for collecting waste and replacement broken bumpers from automotive depots, sheet metal factories and other cooperators. While the bumper material is diversified, we collect only PP (polypropylene) bumpers. In the pre-process of packing after crushing, fine crushing and pellet formation (granulation) processes, physical properties are evaluated through MFR (melt flow rate; resin flowing property), Izod impact test (test for evaluating the strength against impact) and so on for thorough lot control. The auto mat (universal plate) using pellets of recycled formed parts, and automotive bumper developed by us are designed, manufactured and marketed. We are making challenges in environmental problems, based on the management vision "contribution to more prosperous society."
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