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Certification obtained.
Quality management system ISO9001
(Headquarters,Hekinan plant)

Certification obtained.
Environmental management system ISO14001
(Headquarters,Hekinan plant)

Message for happiness
    President Sugiura Also it is a human that it is the what kind of place where that it is the language which is "the talent is the treasure of the company" moon level introduced the excellent production facility and operates it. The force of the machine can not be possible to exceed the human ability, even if there is in the age when. The case in which that there is no place where the human leaves the ability and that it demonstrates it is driving the striving in the fact of the self with good life. As the person who is formed in the top of the company, I consent to this fact further than who. As a technology group of elite corps, we remain in the frame in the manufacturer fixed, it is now plug. It is also considered to advance in all different business industry, in order to utilize character and aptitude of the employee individual. The stage in which the company pursues the dream. Myself also established the Wakogiken industry after corporate dropout in order to realize one's own goal. They also realize each dream in our company, everybody wants it it. So in hoping, I do not stop.

Chairperson and Director WASABURO SUGIURA

Corporate principles
  • Human growing
  • Creation of value
  • Sincerity and effort
  • Contribution to affluent society
Action agenda of achievement
5 senses6 power
  • Sense of mission
  • Sense of justice
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Sense of crisis
  • Sense of security
  • Power of knowledge
  • Power of execution
  • Power of judgment
  • Power of sympathy
  • Power of endurance
  • Power of comprehension
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