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Shanghai Wako Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
We established the first local corporation in Shanghai, China as an overseas hub for satisfying globalization requirements (Shanghai Wako Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.), and the factory is completed in 2005. They supply products and services upon a request of the customer like we do in Japan.
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Company profile
Company name /Shanghai Wako Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. The Chinese staff and Japanese residential staff cooperate with each other and complement each other in the design and production field of molds to satisfy increasing customers' needs and conduct field procurement speedily.
Established in /February 2004
Address /No.700, Fangyuan Road, Anting
Zheng, Jiading District, Shanghai
ZIP:201805 P.R. China
Area /Lot area: 16600m2. Building: 2812.5m2
President /Wasaburo Sugiura
Capital /$5,000,000
Line of business /Development, design and manufacture of automotive
molds and jigs and tools, and sales of original products
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