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Certification obtained.
Quality management system ISO9001
(Headquarters,Hekinan plant)

Certification obtained.
Environmental management system ISO14001
(Headquarters,Hekinan plant)

Electronics Division
Electronics division conducts businesses, centering on development of hardware and software in the electronics field such as microcomputer-integrated devices and PC-assisted measurement control applications.
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Each staff member takes charge of management of thorough themes cultivated from planning and proposal stage up to the design, manufacture and delivery. Creativity is needed to the staff both in the development of customer's requirements into specifications and in the drafting of concrete design from specifications, and this is really work worth challenging. The results of one's work return to you in a visible form in a short period. One supplies an item designed according to one's idea and one feels fulfillment and satisfaction if the item is appreciated by the customer. In recent years when technology advance accompanies remarkable revolutionary changes, this division keeps an eye on customer's trends and supplies deliberate and high quality product services in the niche market. And they promote further development to the global niche.
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