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Certification obtained.
Quality management system ISO9001
(Headquarters,Hekinan plant)

Certification obtained.
Environmental management system ISO14001
(Headquarters,Hekinan plant)

Machine Works Division
Engineering division develops, designs and manufactures various production lines and special machine parts as the best partner of power-saving trends toward factory automation. In recent business scenes, well-balanced delivery term, quality and cost potentials contribute to enhancement of competitiveness. In these circumstances, balanced senses for comprehending customer requirements and wants adequately and supplying best products are required in the sales work where the personnel contact the customers. To achieve this, engineering division implements solution type sales activities.
meeting quality team The 3D measuring machine
Personnel always consider customer's profits and implement solution type proposal sales activities. To do this, the sales person immediately comprehends customer requirements and proposes the best solution through skill training. The quality assurance measurement team not only conducts thorough quality control but also inspects all the finished products. 3,000 to 4,000 products are inspected every month in average. The 3D measuring machine, composite surface roughness and profile measuring machine are used to realize numerical measurement having been impossible with earlier measuring apparatus, and simultaneous inspection of multiple products is made possible with CNC programs, realizing a more accurate and more speedy inspecion system.
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